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I am Florent Manzoni, a French Music Composer & Sound Designer for media, specialized in video games and film, based in Toulouse, France. Music has always been a crucial part of my life and was introduced to me via my grandfather, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist. Followings his tracks, I taught myself various instruments such as the guitar, the clarinet, the violin or the harmonica.

After studying piano and music theory, which I started at the age of 10, I learned arrangement and orchestration. In the same time I passed a PhD in civil engineering in 2019 and began to teach music theory, arrangement, orchestration and music for film and video games.

Passionate about arts and a gamer since my childhood, I developed a fascination for the interaction between the player/viewer and the music inside the game/film. My compositions are driven mostly by orchestral & choir textures as well as electronic sounds and melodic lines that tell a story and to create a unique musical universe within which the player is completely immersed.


If you wish to create a unique and memorable gaming experience while differentiating from the other games, you need a creative and professional composer. I am able to work quickly and help you with your music integration.

Thanks to my experience in the film universe, I can add depth and emotion to your film, cinematic or trailer with perfectly synchronized music and sound design.


Production, arrangement and orchestration for your music!

Interactive / Adaptive (Loops, Vertical & Horizontal Sequencing) and emotional music is what I will compose for you in order to facilitate the immersion in your world and stand out from the competition. I can create any music genre that your project may need.

For video game, music is naturally temporal and it is my job to adapt it for the purposes of supporting the players.

Sound Design

Every project needs a unique sound design to create a true audio identity that is in complete harmony with your visual design.


I am using a wide array of production equipment (Cubase, Ableton Live, FMOD, Unreal Engine, Unity...), samples and virtual instruments to address your every need (complete audio session, audio events, individual instruments or audio implementation if you used Unreal Engine or Unity) with the best possible quality.


To achieve the best possible sound I will work closely with you and your development team in order to capture the desired emotion and the musical integration of each cue.


Thanks to my personal network, I can also work with arrangers/orchestrators, mixing and mastering sound technicians, or even with an orchestra and a studio to record your project!

Price is tailored for each project according to: deadlines, music genre or duration. Do not hesitate to contact me and tell me about your project, I will send a personalized quote for your consideration.



Music in this section is copyrighted, don't hesitate to contact me for more information. Synchronisation rights:

- non-commercial use license (for your non-monetized Youtube video, video game or film...): 10€/minute

- commercial use license: 75€/minute

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